Before The Episode.. wait what there no Episode on tonight… CRAP >:(

So i was y’know chilling on the couch being awesome (Really just Doing School and eating lunch) and i was like i should go post The “Before The Episode” i mean it is Tuesday so its that time but then i was like… Wait there’s that boring crappy agents of shelled replacement on tonight i mean I’m sure its cool but I’m missing AOS for this i mean thats just freaking messed up i mean in the next Episode of AOS we find out about the Coulson Alien stuff i mean i wanna know what happens not a wait a freaking week to see it i mean what the crap! if you agree just tell (Haha i just rhymed hahah me so puny….(Punny))

The Lone Toconut has evolved into ticked off dude cause of you marvel all you 😡

see(well i won’t see you but… forget it I’m done) you guys next time bye

-The Weird Creepy Strange Lone Toconut Dude Whose Internet Name Is Really Crappy


So basically i’m going to tell you  about the upcoming marvel movie and Why the movie is going to be awesome and what i think will happen

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