Agents Of Shield 3×02 The Purpose Of The Machine


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Holy @$I% the new avengers trailer is out

OH MY GOD if you have not seen that trailer then


Before we start Just wanted to say Viewer Discretion Is Advised

So let me tell you all the HOLY SH*# MAN moments

1. Gets red eyes does this mean hulk will kill bruce? and take over for ever

2. Black Widow Flash backs Duuuuuude that is intense man

3. Is that Natasha with those kick ass guns?

4. Ultron beats the living sh#* out of Thor D:

5. Steve is seen with and avenges pin on his shoulder!

6. Theres a weird lady who removes her shirt near the puddle that Thor jumps out with in another trailer what does this Mean a *Cough* *Cough* scene… and then jane walks in :O

7. Why is there a random lady with very little cloths in in the background watching Thor go crazy is she Thors new girl?!?!

Ship of the day #28 Janden 💼 June + Anden 💼

OMG you must read champion!!!

Q: Do the exist in the fandom or is it just something you want to happen? A: Ish you will have to read it but lets just say its kinda like Peeta VS Gale

Q: Do you prefer them dating or just having crushes on each other? A: Crushes maybe ish idk

Q: Do you think they will be a big ship? A:  The book ain’t that popular so i doubt it

Q: What fandom are they from? A: Legend

Q: What emoji would you use and why A: The 💼Brief Case cause Anden if very formal

Of 1-10 how much would you rate this ship?


Good bye agents of shield 😭😰😨😫😩😥😣😔😞😱😖

WHYYYYY my life is so boring now no agents of shield till next year and then we Agent Carter for months instead of agents of shield

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