Agents Of Shield 2×20 Scars


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Good bye agents of shield 😭😰😨😫😩😥😣😔😞😱😖

WHYYYYY my life is so boring now no agents of shield till next year and then we Agent Carter for months instead of agents of shield

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Ship of the day #26 TaserTricks 🍩Darcy + Loki🍩

I just realized i don’t think the ever are in a scene together…

Q: Do the exist in the fandom or is it just something you want to happen? A: *Sigh* no i just said they never met god dangit

Q: Do you prefer them dating or just having crushes on each other? A: Ehhhh i don’t know maybe frenemies cause Loki has no friends

Q: Do you think they will be a big ship? A: NO i may have to delete this question…

Of 1-10 how much would you rate this ship?