Agents of Shield 3×04 Devils You Know

GO MAY AND HUNTER!! WOO!Quick review of Aos 3×04

My first reaction

OH MY GOD That episode is killed me that was intense

Andrew DIED?!?!??!?!?!? WHAT THE FUCK!!! Hunter shot Ward though ty god for that but still that episode killed me so damn much I’m fucking dying holy shit i mean GAHHHHHHHHH
Lets review
Andrew maybe blew up remember before he “blew up” you see blood now ask yourself would they really beat him up and then blow him up wouldn’t they just walk out and blow it up? i think shield came to the rescue


And Lash can transform to a human? WAIT WHAT!?! Maybe the alien world Simmons was on could shed some light on inhumans?

Images were found here and here

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