Agents of Shield 3×03 A Wanted (Inhu)man

Yes! I know! I know !!!! I said it, I said i was going to post on time D:

But back to the post

This episode was all about Lincoln trying to escape witch even at the end we still don’t know so basically Daisy and him kissed and then he was gone, SHIELD and ATCU teamed up. And Daisy and Mack played some Halo game Idk witch one but it was Halo for sure Yassssss LINCOLN BABY!

AND Hunter and may are getting higher in HYDRA May kicked 3 dudes asses, Hunter got rekt but then got some brass knuckles and almost killed a guyER MER GERD SO INTENSE!
Cant wait for the next Episode i plan to hopefully post on friday since both Wednesday and thursday are v busy for me

Picture from and here


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