Holy shite

Oh my god guys the agents of shield season finale kicked ass

Spoilers ‘n shite ahead

Ok first the death/injury count

Coulson: Lost hand

Gorden: Dead

Jiaying: Dead

Simmons: Was swallowed in the Kree rock

Cal/Mr Hyde: Mind wipe

Gonzales: Dead

Bobbi: Tortured and shot

Kara: Shot 5 times by Ward (lol)

I don’t even know where to start right now i mean GAHHHH GAHHHH GAHHHHHHHHHHHH dammit guys

Ok well ill just list the major stuff because theres just too much stuff

You know sh*ts going down when implies its worse the “Bahrain”

ok ok ok

1. When Kara was looking like May Ward was didn’t know so he shot her at least 5 times

2. Cal became Mr Hyde and went insane for a good 30 mins

3. The inhuman transformer leaked in the water so now all inhuman will go through “The mist”

4. “I can’t do this anymore”

**Disclaimer i do not own the picture in my post it was found here http://screenrant.com/agents-shield-season-2-finale-sos-review-recap-spoilers/


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