Age of Ultron Review 2 of 3: The good and the bad

Hola welcome back to the 3 day Age of Ultron review today I’m going to list the good the bad and why I’m am very ticked off with Joss Weadon

The good

1. New avengers

2. Sets up pretty nicely for Captain America Civil War

3. Very funny

4. has a good balance between drama and comedy

The bad

1. Brucetasha

2. Natasha “falling” for Bruce i mean she f***ing Black Widow she wouldn’t fall for anyone

3. Thanos after credit scene sucked i mean holy Shite he wants the gauntlet Nooo i never saw that coming

4. Coulson was not in it

5. Quick silver died IN HIS FIRST DAMN MOVIE

6. Thors “pool” of visions? da hell?

7. There was more in the trailers then in the movie

Everything witch was in the trailer or confirmed but not in the movie

1. that one woman de-robbing neer the pool of visions

2. Loki who was cut by Joss Weadon

Tomorrow read the final witch has every easter egg i could find witch is a lot


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