Age of Ultron Review 1 of 3: The Review

In part 1 I’m going to just tell you what happened The Movie  starts of with an attack on Struker’s base as Thor looks for Loki’s scepter after kicking some ass. Tony goes in the base to get the scepter but then the Wanda gets to him and give him the vision of what he most fears which is the dead avenger around his feet Steve’s shield cracked and it was his fault. But then he got out go it so everything was fine, and Tony and Bruce start to invent Ultron and AI created from Loki’s scepter then they through a party which Falcon was there for!!! and also BruceTasha begins UHG… after the party they all try to pick up Thor’s hammer then Ultron walks in and he is in the body of one of The Iron Legion (Iron man army used to attack Strucker) then the a bunch more charge in and start an epic battle scene where Loki’s scepter is stolen and everybody gets pissed with tony. Ultron removes Vibrainum Claw guys arm avengers attack ultron then scarlet which gives them all visions Steve’s Vision: Him and Peggy dancing Natasha’s Vision: Her executing someone in the red-room Then Bruce becomes Hulk and starts the Hulk-buster vs Hulk Battle scene Witch ends with kinda a tie just cause hulk ended up de-hulking. Bruce curdles with blanket as they go back to Clint’s farm, Ultron attacks Hellen Cho a nice doctor who helped Clint is the past and gets here help to create vision. Back at Clint’s farm Bruce and Natasha almost kiss they find out that Clint has a wife and 2 kids and a third on the way, Fury meets with them. Then they attack ultron and take vision who wasn’t finished being created Natasha is captured they go back to stark tower have a brief fight. Vision is created ultron makes and underground rocket which carries a giant piece of land which he intends to drop on earth killing all QuickSilver and Scarlet Witch turn good they defeat Ultron with Visions help he comes back with a machine gun and kills quicksilver leaving him with one last line “You didn’t see that coming” Bruce saves Natasha they kiss Then she kicks him off a cliff. Then he becomes the hulk they all fight minions A helicarrier helps. A shield agent from CA TWS was there helping Hulk goes away in a plane to the middle of the ocean Everyone quits the avengers except for Steve and Natasha the new avengers are formed which include Captain America, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, War Machine, Falcon and The Vision 2 of 3 will be out soon and its all about the good, the bad and the screw you Joss Weadon!


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