Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

We learned a lot last episode and you know me…. IT MUST BE LISTED

1. “Real Shield Leader” Only let Coulson go on the mission so he could get Skye and Lincoln in his base

2. Theta Protocol is getting the avengers back together

3. Marie Hill looks pretty hot 😉

4. Coulson finds out that Hydra has Loki’s Scepter

5. Raina can dream the future

6. Loads of references to The twins and Sokovia (Where the twins are)

7. And Holy Sh*t the hype is reaaaaaalllllllllllllllll

Thanks for reading see y’all next time


**Disclaimer i do not own the picture in this post it was found here http://www.sensacine.com/noticias/series/noticia-18526092/


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