Woot Woot guys, last episode was aweoooommmeeee

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I’m going to break it in to 2 parts


Couslon’s Team: Gets Ward, Fitz, and Cara and sends DethLock and Bakshi with a hydra guy

Inhumans: Sends Cal away but lets Skye hang around also sends Lincoln to protect Skye (Damn thats a nice ship)

Simmons and May: May tells Bobbi about the fact that Simmons gave the toolbox to Fitz and they hack into Dethlock and find where he is

Bobbi and Mack:Send people to get DethLock

Part 2 THE BATTLE!!!

Inhumans: Cal attacks Lincoln because he thought Lincoln didn’t trust him with Skye

Hydra: Sends in Dethlock Bakshi and a bunch of troops

Coulson’s Team: Ward, Hunter, Coulson, and Cara run in and start attacking Hydra

an all out battle starts forcing Gordon to come back and get Skye and then cal jumps in the portal too

Then Lincoln and Dethlock are captured

Coulson Surrender to Bobbi and Mack

And yea see ye guys next week!

Black  = Good Shield

Blue  = Inhumans

Purple  = Bad Shield

Red  = Hydra

**Disclaimer i do not own the picture i found it here http://mcuexchange.com/review-agents-of-shield-2×18-the-frenemy-of-my-enemy/


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