New Avengers Age Of Ultron Clips And Tv Spots

14 tv spots and 4 clips…

So let me get to the key points

Clip #1

Tony fights ultron and the twins speak for once

Clip #2

Thor gets pissed with Tony for Ultron and stuff a Bruce is sassy!

Clip #3

Hulk Vs HulkBuster in the clip tony says something about hulk being controlled

Clip #4

After a battle Natasha tries to calm hulk and he hold her HOLD HER HAND…. HOLDS HER MOTHER F***ING HAND

Damnit Joss you could have made her be with Clint, Steve Or Bucks AND YOU PICK BRUSE F***ING BRUCE i mean i sure as F**k like Bruce but Screw this BruceTasha stuff going on


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