Agents of shield 2×12 Who Your Really Are (SPOILERS)

Oh my sparkly cat crap last episode was INTENSE 

So the episode starts with Sif not knowing who she is and her also kicking ass then we find out that there is this Kree guy who can take away memories, after some time shield finds the guy witch a box annnnnnnnndddddd when the box is opened we find it HAD been holding 4 obliziizzzzz or how ever the hell you spell it… Y’know that weird looking thing that jacked Skye up THAT THING blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhh Skye freaks out then ice’s herself blah blah blahhhhHh Everyones all Skye is good but she is crazy at the same time Mack almost kills Hunter oh yea and at the start there was a quick really awkward to watch with your family sex scene D: thats mainly it sorry for the short post but YEA


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