Agents Of Shield Season 2 Episode 11 Recap and Review SPOILERS AHEAD


Oh my god right now I can’t even ok time to run down all this crazy crap the went down last night

It started off show the Inhuman Richard y’know eyeless guy he was like teleporting all crazy but he had no control D:

but it seemed like skye’s mom was trying to help him so yay cause i like him

Theeeeeeen it cuts to show skye in a quarantine cell Phil Son of Coal begins talking to her about how he is going to kick hydras ass. After that we see a bunch of hydra leader from other countries? meet and talk about who should lead the american side of Hydra it ends up the pick Bak-Shi or how ever the hell you spell his name, meanwhile Coulson offers Talbot Bak-Shi for help to kick Hydras ass and they make a deal! yay, then everyone goes near skye room and starts screaming like crazy and then Skye keeps telling them to stop but they don’t hear her and then a soda can skye drinking from starts shacking and Skye freaks out for a sec but then they stop fighting so all is well, after that it shows Simmons at the temple 3 people are killed by a once Raina thing it has thorns all crazy on it Simmons shoots it after it slicing too peoples through but Raina live Why you ask? cause it fricking marvel and marvel can’t kill sh*t

BUUUUUUT back to the review

So we see Cal walking around near those giant transport boxy things when Raina grabs his necks and it all “Nooo help I’m ugly now” well i mean she does look like a porcupine then Cal’s like “If you can’t live with it…. then don’t…” Nooooooooo Raina she was pretty now she’s just kinda gross…

Then Coulson and May take Bak-Shi to Talbot but then get hit by a truck after a small gun fight May gets shotted Coulson screams “MAYYYYY” then runs out of behind his cover screaming “YOU WILL NEVER TAKE US ALIVE” then gets shot multiple times Bak-Shi then gets in a car with Hunter who claims he Hydra meanwhile with dead May and stuff everyone gets up and you realize it was meant to go this way thank god. Then Mays all “You will never take us alive really?
Then it cuts to hunter pulling a gun on Bak-shi about to shoot until Bak-shi gets him to go to Hydra base for money

Meanwhile damn i say meanwhile a lot…. Meanwhile at the lab Simmons goes on about how aliens stuff must be killed all of it then leaves. Leaving Skye to chew on that for a few mins Then FITZ comes in and he’s freaking out cause he found out the Skye’s heart was beating 300 Bpm in the temple and that she cause the earthquake!!! he starts crying-ish and he runs out then Skye triggers an earth quake cause you know why not May and Simmons see some blood in Skye’s room as they enter and ask her if everything ok and right when they think Skye did something bad Fitz runs in saying that he just knocked some stuff over and when May and Simmons leave he opens Skye’s door and hugs her while she says “Theres something very wrong with me”


Then we see Hunter and Bak-Shi at a Hydra place Bak-shi goes in but tell Hunter to stay there for now, once he leaves Bobbies gets in the car and have a totally feely chat in the car then Hunter asks Bobbi about whats on the hard drive she says that its just her and Mack are in a support group and Hunter actually believes that, in the Hydra base Bak-shi tells the hydra goons and there leader theres a guy outside who wants to die but when Hydra goes out side and starts shooting the kick-ass bullet-proof cars shoots back kill everyone then all of hydra leaders watch turn orange and they died Hunter and Bobbi go getting Bak-shi and killing some Hydra guys


Raina try to kill herself by walking into traffic shield attempts to capture her but then her fellow InHuman Richard teleports down and makes then both vanish

But back at the base sh*ts going down, as there talking about Trip 😦 and getting drunk the car Mack build for Coulson pops out a scanner and finds Coarsens box thing to re-create shield and tells Bobbie they can go soon Oh we’ll for the support group

Thats all from this episode i would prob give it a good 9/10 and the trailer for next time 7/10


-Toconut =


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