Ship of the day #41 Agents Angie 🔫 Peggy + Angie 🍔

You guys want 10 more ships you guys get 10 more ships XD

Q: What fandom are they from? A: MCU

Q: Do the exist in the fandom or is it just something you want to happen? A: Its more of a friend ship thing

Q: Do you prefer them dating or just having crushes on each other? A: FRIEND SHIP GOD DARNIT

Q: Do you think they will be a big ship? A: Umm ya kinda

Q: What emoji would you use and why A: A gun for Peggy cause she’s kick ass and a humbugger for Angie cause she like works at a fast food place thing ish y’know

Of 1-10 how much would you rate this ship?



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