After The Things We Bury

So last episode there was some good stuff and some “Other stuff” *Raises Eyebrows Suggestively*

heh heh so last episode was rated TV-14 to its normal TV-PG so as you know there was y’know some violent death scene and well… lets… just say that… Hunter and Bobbi… well… they y’know erm… Ok lets just say there together again end of subject *Blushes Awkwardly* heh so other then suggestive intense violent ship amazing ship time fandom changing TV-14 rated scenes heh heh ok so lets talk about how ****ed off I am due to the fact that next episode is in to weeks 😡 now I’m going to list what we should be happy for next  2 WEEKS FROM NOW ok so next episode we will

1. Find out the city that Coulson been flipping out about

2. And other stuff from the trailer witch don’t remember so yea 😀

See you next time 


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