The Writing On The Wall Review (SPOILERS)

HAHA just like I told I knew something big would happen and wha-da-ya-know Coulson’s Writing is over now so yeah. Now time for the list of stuff that I need to list cause it takes less work then just saying it all now

Ok im’a list everything that I thought was important

1. Its a city not a map but what city is even on earth???

2. Ward is not a big Hydra fan and he might go kill his brother pretty soon well I hope so at least

3.Theres more then one T.H.A.T.I. Patient

4. Hunter + Bobbi my new fav ship Oh yeah and guys i plan to do a ship of the day just basically everyday tell you and awesome ship if you have a ship you would like me to post about just tell via comments 😀

Thats all for this time tune in this Saturday for an update on marvels age of ultron

-The Lone Toconut


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