Before The Episode.. wait what there no Episode on tonight… CRAP >:(

So i was y’know chilling on the couch being awesome (Really just Doing School and eating lunch) and i was like i should go post The “Before The Episode” i mean it is Tuesday so its that time but then i was like… Wait there’s that boring crappy agents of shelled replacement on tonight i mean I’m sure its cool but I’m missing AOS for this i mean thats just freaking messed up i mean in the next Episode of AOS we find out about the Coulson Alien stuff i mean i wanna know what happens not a wait a freaking week to see it i mean what the crap! if you agree just tell (Haha i just rhymed hahah me so puny….(Punny))

The Lone Toconut has evolved into ticked off dude cause of you marvel all you 😡

see(well i won’t see you but… forget it I’m done) you guys next time bye

-The Weird Creepy Strange Lone Toconut Dude Whose Internet Name Is Really Crappy


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