A Fractured House Review (SPOILERS)

Ok i am about to tell you about agents of shield A Fractured House While holding back crying because the fandom right now…     its..   very…     stressful…    😁


ok it all starts at the UN we see “Glenn Talbot” giving a speech then a bunch of shield imposters coming shooting people or flinging “Spikey Balls” or something like that and when they hit whoever they hit melts and crumbles kinda like the obelisk would do?!?!?! Then shield is declared a terrorist organization and that everyone should kill them sooooooo then shield sends Bobbi and Hunter (The New Ship) on a mission together and then they shoot some bad guys and go to a safe house in Belgium cause coals told them to and then we find out that Wards bro is a freaked senator and he wants Ward for exchange for letting shield go so that happens and then it cuts to the “Safe”house where it’s full of bad guys and shield loses 6 agents and crazy battle happens and they stop the bad guys so then back with Ward And the shield agents holding him in a car with is going to Wards bros place ward breaks out so now ward is on the loose!!!

and they we a freaked awesome clip from avengers AOU ill will talk more about it later this week

And for next time we have Coulson secret about to be solved dun dun dun ps I have to go somewhere so i did not have time to spell check and stuff sorry about that

Episode Score 9/10                                                                                           Next Episode Trailer 4/10

-The Lone Toconut <“^”>


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