What i think of the trailer and of course… SPOILERS

You most likely seen the avengers age of Ultron trailer already and you already started fangirling/fanboying like crazy of not then i can’t consider you a full avengers fan 😡 but back to the trailer. Okay i thought it would be cool if I gave a list of the most interesting moments and what i thought they meant so yea

1. 0.16 you see angry people screaming and two look like the twins without powers What I think “I’m guessing a flash back”

2. 0.18 We see a metal hand getting a bath in some sort of metal What I think ” Is this Ultron getting a Vibrainium (Bad spelling I know) bath does this mean he is unbreakable dun dun duuuuuuuuun

3. 0.22-0.26 we see Thor Cap and Hawkeye in a beaten up city :O What I think “does this mean hulk had a meltdown!?!?”

4. 0.28 we see most of the team trying not to look at Bruce implying that he did something wrong What I think “Bruce went hulk and now the team hates him!!!”

5. 0.30 We see Bruce in a straight jacket! and in the same place as 0.28 What I think “Same as 0.28”

6. 0.33 We see busted Ultron crash the Avengers party and break a skull of a iron man suit and the u;torn has a Avengers a on his suit! What I think “Ultron had a good mission thing but failed so tony killed him but failed and now he is back…”

7. 0.57 We see Bruce falling into the snow What i think “Bruce Hulked out and ran away”

8. 1.03 We see a Iron Man looking Ultron Leading the twins somewhere What i think ” I’m guessing that Ultron got an upgrade and is now helping Hydra

9. 1.06 We see a bunch of Ultrons swarming What i think “It’s the Ultron apocalypse!”

10. 1.07 We see some avengers and Thor dropping his hammer What i think “Avenger Dissembled”

11. 1.14 We see Tony looking at a broken Ultron saying “Its the end… The end of the path i started us on…” Black widow replies with “Nothing lasts forever” and we see a tad bit of fury What i think “Again Avenger Dissembled”

12. 1.19 We see Scarlet which Screaming What i think “She might just be using her powers?”

13. 1.22 We see HulkBuster look at Hulk What i think “Like I said some time ago Bruce lost control”

14. 1.27 We see Black Widow flying out of plane on a Motorcycle What I think “Someone is about to get there butt kicked”

15. 1.29 We see the hate powers being released… enough said What I think “OOOOOO Snap”

16. 1.32 We Andy Serkins yay What I think “He is a key to the Black Panther…”

17. 1.35 We see Black widow hold Hulks hand What i think “The Ship has begun”

18. 1.38 We see Hawkeye running around while being shot at! What i think “Hawkeye is AWESOME

19. 1.39 We see Thor attack tony what i think “Once again Avengers Dissembled”

20. 1.52 We see Caps broken shield!!! What i think “NOOOOO idk what i think”

21. 1.55 we see Ultron but he looks upgraded(Again) What i think “…”



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