Leaked Trailer BIG Spoilers ahead

If you have not seen the leaked avenger 2 trailer you may want to look away you have 10 seconds 109876... 54... 3... 21….

Ok well I don’t know if I can do links on WordPress otherwise a link to the trailer would be here but you can just look up avenger 2 trailer and you should find it 😀 Go watch that and come back here afterwords

Ok then i almost died when watching it due to the fact I’m a hard-core Avenger fan so it was not what i thought at all but from the trailer what it seems like it Captain America 3 might be civil war?!?!?! And also (SPOILERS) I am 60% sure Captain America will die 😥 In Captain America 3/Civil War

Now I’m going to give a run down of the trailer. It starts with Ultron saying “I will show you something beautiful… everyone screaming… of mercy” and then it shows a bunch of action bruce freaking out in straight jacket and hulk fight ing hulk bust CaptainAmerica’s shield broken tony saying “This is the end… Of the patter i started us on” and the black widow saying “Nothing last forever” then a quick Nick Fury cameo and then bruce falling in to the snow and then Thor drops his hammer and grabs Tonys neck Black widow freaks out hawk eye is awesome and there is a creepy smiley Ultron walking around And crashing partys

Next time i plan to tell you my theory on what will happen and you can tell me your to 😀 sorry for the bad spelling and stuff but I’m to exited right now to type right

The Lone Toconut ˚-˚


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